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    This “Uyemura Group Behavior Guideline” stipulates various rules (22 items) to be observed in daily business activities by all the personnel (personnel engaged in Uyemura Group’s business activities, including directors, employees, part0time workers, dispatched workers) so that Uyemura  Group may abide by the laws and regulations and corporate ethics and practice CSR (CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility) management in accordance with “Uyemura Group Behavior Charter.”
    All the officers must fully understand that this behavior guideline is an ethical standing rule to be naturally observed and must be through in abidance.
    If any points are unclear or if you have any questions, please contact us at the below mentioned number or e-mail us for more information.

    Secretariat of CSR Promotion Office

    Telephone: +81-6-6202-8718


    Dealing with our customer faithfully
    We must faithfully listen to our customers’ “demand”. We must properly supply information on our merchandize, etc to our customers and provide them with reassurance and satisfaction.
    Abidance of the quality safety standard
    We must produce merchandize most suitable for our customers in an excellent quality management system and supply them to our customers. In supplying products overseas, we must fully understand the safety standards and the product liability laws of the countries where such products will be consumed and must supply products that conform to them.
    Fair market transactions
    Through fair market competitions we must recognize that supplying our merchandize, etc in an appropriate condition is the best customer service and we must conduct activities that conform to the purpose of the Antimonopoly Law.
    Just and fair selection of suppliers
    In the selection of suppliers, we must afford a fair opportunity to prospective suppliers and make a fair selection.
    Moderate entertainment and gifts
    We must not receive or provide extravagant entertainment or gifts.
    Cutting ties with antisocial groups and dealing with trouble with them
    We must cut ties with antisocial forces or organizations that may threaten the order and safety of a civic society and must not conduct any acts that may promote their activities. In the event of the occurrence of any trouble or the like, the whole company must fight against it.
    Prohibition of insider trading
    We must not buy or sell shares, which falls under insider trading or might be suspected as such.
    Protection of corporate assets
    We must regard our corporate assets as a source generating a corporate value. We must handle them carefully and must no conduct any acts that may cause damage to them.
    Secrecy obligation
    We must realize the importance of the management of documents and information. We must try to keep them properly and we must not leak any information, etc to be kept secret to others without due cause.
    Protection and respect for intellectual property rights
    We must understand the importance in the business activities of intellectual property rights. We must try to protect our rights and pay close attention not to fringe on others’ right.
    Responsible performance of our duties
    We must try to take responsibility and carry out our business duties efficiently on the basis of proper authority, such as laws and regulations and the like.
    Distinguishing work and home
    We must clearly draw a line between a corporate position and a personal position. We must not let corporate position. We must not let any personal interests known at work or let any corporate positions known outside the office.
    Respect for human rights
    We must not discriminate anybody on the basis of sex, age, birthplace, nationality, race, nation, creed, religion, disease, handicap and the like. We must respect human rights and try to maintain our workplace free from discrimination and harassment.
    Prohibition of child labor and forced labor
    We comply with all applicable laws and regulations in each country and never use child labor or forced labor in our business activities.
    Respect of basic labor rights
    We respect the basic labor rights.
    Management of working hours
    We comply with all applicable laws and regulations each country.
    Remuneration and wages
    We pay workers in compliance with wage related laws and regulations.
    Protection of privacy
    We must respect the privacy of each of our personnel and must not unduly infringe on it.
    Prohibition of harassment
    We prohibit all forms of harassment to ensure a healthy work environment.
    Environmental-friendly business activities
    We must observe the laws and regulations on the environment and the like. We must actively engage ourselves in environment-friendly efforts in our business activities.
    Overseas activities
    We must observe the laws of foreign countries and international rules in conducting overseas transactions. We must carry out business activities, respecting the culture and practice of the countries concerned.
    Social contribution
    We must make efforts to realize a better society as a good international corporate citizen. Each of us must think of a social contribution and must efforts to render great service to society.
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