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    This “Uyemura Group Behavior Guideline” stipulates various rules (22 items) to be observed in daily business activities by all the personnel (personnel engaged in Uyemura Group’s business activities, including directors, employees, part0time workers, dispatched workers) so that Uyemura  Group may abide by the laws and regulations and corporate ethics and practice CSR (CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility) management in accordance with “Uyemura Group Behavior Charter.”
    All the officers must fully understand that this behavior guideline is an ethical standing rule to be naturally observed and must be through in abidance.
    If any points are unclear or if you have any questions, please contact us at the below mentioned number or e-mail us for more information.

    Secretariat of CSR Promotion Office

    Telephone: +81-6-6202-8718


    Sincere service toward customers
    We constantly and sincerely listen to the voices of our customers, properly provide them with information about our products and cervices, and deliver to them a sense of contentment and satisfaction.
    Compliance with quality and safety standards
    We manufacture products through an excellent quality control system and provide products that best suit the needs of our customers.  When we supply products to overseas customers, we fully understand the safety standards and the product liability law of the county in which our products will be used, and provide products that comply with such standards and law.
    Fair market transactions
    We recognize that we can best serve our customers by providing our products and services under appropriate terms and conditions through fair market competition.  We conduct business activities that are in compliance with competition law (antitrust law).
    Fair and equal selection of suppliers
    We provide a fair opportunity to supplier candidates and make a fair selection in selecting suppliers.
    Moderation in entertainment and gift-giving
    We never accept or provide excessive entertainment or gifts. 
    No relationship with anti-social forces and responses to trouble therewith
    We never tolerate any relationship whatsoever with anti-social forces or groups, such as organized crime, that may threaten the order and safety of civil society, and never engage in any act that may facilitate their activities.  If we face any trouble caused by such anti-social forces, the entire company works together and stands firmly against the threat.
    No insider trading
    We never engage in any insider trading, or the sale and purchase of shares that might be suspected thereof.
    Protection of company assets
    We recognize that the company's assest are the source of our corporate value. We treat them with great care, and never engage in conduct that may result in any harm thereto.
    We recognize the importance of managing documents and information and endeavor to conduct proper management thereof. We never divulge information or documents that should be kept confidential without any due reason therefor.
    Protection of and respect for intellectual property
    We understand the importance of intellectual property rights in our business activities and endeavor to protect our rights. We also are careful not to infringe on any rights of third parties.
    Responsible performance of duties
    Based on appropriate authority in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, as well as various internal rules, we endeavor to perform our duties in a responsible and efficient manner. 
    Distinction between official and private positions
    We make a clear distinction between positions as a member of the company and positions as a private individual, and never bring a private interest into the workplace nor abuse a position as a member of the company in a private situation. 
    Respect for human rights
    We respect human rights. We never discriminate againts any person due to his/her sex, age, place of birth, nationality, race, ethnicity, creed, religion, disease, disability or other nature. We endeavor to maintain our workplace as a place free from discrimination or harassment.
      No child labor or forced labor
    We comply with applicable laws, regulations and rules in each country where we do business, and never engage in child labor or forced labor in our business activities.
    Respect for basic labor rights
    We respect basic labor rights.
    Management of working hours
    We comply with all applicable laws, regulations and rules in each country where we do business relating to working hours.
    Remuneration and wages
    We pay workers's salary in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and rules in each country where we do business relating to wages. 
    Protection of privacy
    We must respect the personal privacy, and never unduly breach such privacy.
    No harassment
    In order to realize a healthy work environment, we never engage in any type of harassment.
    Eco-friendly business activities
    We comply with applicable laws and regulations as well as internal rules concerning the environmental, and proactively make efforts to protect the environment in our business activities.
    Overseas activities
    We comply with applicable laws in each country where we do business as well as international rules when transacting with overseas customers, and also conduct our business activities with respect for local culture and customs.
    Contribution to society
    We, as a company, endeavor to realize a better society as a good international corporate citizen. We each individually consider how we can contribution to society and endeavor to realize such contributions.
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