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    Regarding the promotion of compliance (CSR) of Uyemura Group

    We regard “we are committed to action with sincerity” as our “management concept” and have been promoting our business to manage a creative and fair business of a social nature and to meet the expectations of our community.
    A series of recent scandals and incidents, however, forced us to realize that a company’s abiding by social ethics and rules (compliance) has become a minimum requirement for managing a business as a business corporation in a maturing civic society.
    Accordingly, Uyemura Group intends to practice management that bears CSR (CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility) (CSR management) on the basis of the above mentioned management concept, understanding “compliance” positively. We do not interpret “compliance” negatively as a term that simply means not disturbing social order. The company should be responsible for its acts conforming to the rules as “a juridical person”. The management should be responsible for their acts conforming to the rules as “those responsible for the management.” Each of the employees should be responsible for his acts conforming to the rules as “an individual”.
    For this reason, for the purpose of materializing our above-mentioned intention and promise it smoothly, we formulated “Uyemura Group Behavior Charter” and “Uyemura Group Behavior Guideline.” We also established a compliance (CSR) room and introduced a hotline system.
    This is a clear expression of the management’s commitment to (involve-ment in) not only compliance but also CSR. In order for Uyemura Group to continue its further development and growth on the 21st century, we regard this environmental change as an opportunity. We would like to challenge this courageously and deal with it properly.
    November 11, 2005
    Hiroya Uemura
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